Mobile hard disk drive destruction

If you require a secure disposal solutions for hard disk drives, Rhenus Data Office has the perfect choice: destroy your old HDDs in our specialist vehicles on-site.

By this, we can ensure a non-stop destruction process from collection to destruction and first-class security for your data.

Mobile hard drive disk destruction - how does it work?

When it comes to the destruction of HDDs, two aspects are key: first, the secure destruction on-site pursuant applicable data protection regulation, second, appropriate disposal in an eco-friendly way of the resulting electrical waste (i.e. the HDD particles resulting from the shredding process).

For HDDs (magnetic hard drive disks), our mobile destruction units meet the security level specification H-4 of DIN 66399 and provide for secure and non-disclosing destruction.

When choosing our mobile HDD destruction service, you may personally supervise the destruction of your hard drives at your site of operations.

Secure data - at any time

Prior to disposal, we provide you with the required number of suitable security containers. These containers will be filled by your employees on-site until full. If you ordered a key with your container, please attach this to the hook inside the lid and lock the container by pushing the lid shut. Now, the container cannot be opened by unauthorised persons.

On the scheduled destruction date (either on request or by agreed schedule), our trained employees transfer the containers from their previously-arranged places at your office site to the waiting destruction vehicle.

Next, our employees transfer the HDDs from the container to the shredding unit, scanning each HDD's barcode in the process to provide for full documentation of destruction afterwards - you will be issued with a list of the scanned barcodes for your records. The high-performance shredder allows for the destruction of up to 300 HDDs per hour.

The destroyed HDD particles are then handed over to electronic waste disposal plants - Rhenus exclusively employs fully certified and audited installations for this purpose. Then, the destroyed HDDs are separated into constituent materials and end up as valuable secondary raw materials.

Certified Security

Following destruction of your files, you receive from us a certificate of destruction and a weighing protocol. Further information e.g. placing of the security container, tasked unit, telephone number and cost centre can be found on the delivery document. Subsequently, the shredded material is transported to one of our 14 secure installations where it is further processed prior to being used to produce recycled paper.

Rhenus Data Office - Certified Quality

  • All installations of Rhenus Data Office have been certified as disposal plants pursuant EfBV
  • All installations utilise a quality management system pursuant DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • All respective certification may be downloaded in our site's Infocenter section.

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